So it has been said

December 18, 2007

  So it has been said that i have been neglectful of my bloging duties and that it was fine time to carry on from the germs of my last post….  I completly agree with that and so i have come back into blog land with the intention of posting far more often.

   So first a little catch up should be in order, The baby shower went perfectly except forthe major snow storm on the day of the party, a couple of guests were able to make it and we had a nice time opening presents and eating 48 baby cakes!

  OUr casino night had to be canceled again since our friends had an unwelcome tree in their house from another storm, but we did get a chance to have dinner with them anyways, they are always entertaining people to be with.

 (Have i said before how much i really do not like the winter, perhaps when i retire ill be one of those people who head to warmer places when it gets cold here?)

  JIm had His work party over the weekend so we decided to go out of the box a bit for us and stay at the hotel for the night what a perfect night that was, and the next day it was blowing a gale again and when we went past the ocean the waves were to awesome to resist so we stopped for a little extreme weather reminder.

  Hailey Blew up the microwave last week, yep truely blew it up, it no longer works, apparently steel travel mugs do not microwave well…..  Later that night when she was feeling a bit better about life her and daddy were goofing off in the dining room (not a huge room) and the end of that resulting in a broken tail bone!  we spent the next day between Dr’s and x-rays.  It was not Haileys day for sure.

   Yesterday I recieved a phone call from Kassidy’s school telling me that Kassidys chair had broken and she had smaked her head quite hard against the desk behind her, and since it was a head injury would you like to take her to the Dr to get checked out.  So needless to say i hot tailed it down to the school to take her to the Dr, she is ok, a mild concussion and a huge goose egg, but fine none the less.

  And that brings us up to dat mostly, except that there has been a Theft!!!

   A theft of my tolorence, a theft of my time, a theft of pretty much anything that i am in need of to make things go smoothly, i have soooo much to do in such little time, i need to be locked up in a little room and left alone for awhile, although yes i do stay at home all day (what doooooo you do all day… is one of my most hated questions) things are falling miserably behind, it is timeto center my being as i am feeling a little out of control, some one throw a safty rope i am going to be needing it….



November 30, 2007

   Yesterday I spent most of the day at Kassidys school, She is in grade 5 and still in elementry school.  I sorted markers, stacked papers, helped with reading, marked math papers, added pages to scrap books… you know the usual things that teachers have a hard time keeping up with.  Another thing I did was pick up an ocean of germs, children all around me were coughing, sniffing, sneezing, picking noses.. yadda, yadda.

  I am not phobic about germs but as soon as i returned home i jumped into the hotest shower i could stand and scrubbed till pink, schools are so yucky, teachers should be paid hazard pay. 

   I could clean, clean things all day long.. but when things get dirty i have a hard time getting into it to get it done, it just turnes me sick.  Maybe this is why i have a hard time with house work? if my house is clean i dont have alot of trouble keeping it that way, and if i lived alone my house would be clean all the time, but when you factor the family in all kinds of mess happenes…and that is where my house cleaning stalls.. sigh.. a dreadful cycle indeed!

  We Are going into another weekend, this weekend we have planned a Baby Shower!  My sister is due to have her baby at the begining of January so we dont have alot of time left, a shower is just what we all need, hopefully it does not snow…  Ill be back Monday to report how the party went!  Cheers to all….

Tuesdays musings

November 28, 2007

Today was a snow day for the girls… I do not drive in the snow so i kept the girls home, we diddnt do to much today but the girls did go out for some fun in the snow.. kassi even said she busted her butt knuckle! LOL she tried to ‘snow board’ on the toboggan… you can just imagine how that turned out.  Monty the dog loves the snow as well he loves to plow in the snow and eat it, it is too funny to see the big black dog covered like a snow man he is just like a big kid, he is sleeping now like a teenager snoring and everything!

 A fun day had by all…

The girls have started taking hot water bottles to bed, and in fact tucking them into bed about half an hour before it is bed time they have adapted this routine very well.

  a few days ago I started to read to them again in the evening, we are starting with the first book in the seris of Harry potter, and although we dont get to read every night they just love this timethat we haveto read, I try no matter how tired my eyes feel at night to read at least a chapter.. holy crow are those chapters long!

  I am worried about the progress of this Blog, I am starting to run out of things to say, I knew this was a possibility but i am surprised that it happened so fast. I am going to haveto come up with something that is interesting soon… I am sure that i will so stay tuned who knows what masterpeice is comming up…..


November 26, 2007

  My word for the year is Tolerance…. never has this word been needed more than it has been today, I have finally made it online again, but for how long i am not sure, Hopefully i can get my post out before ‘they’ continue working on making the lines better for everyone.

  Tolerance started out as just a word to help me along a place that i was not very good at, I can be pretty tolerant of some things but others there is just no way… I am happy to stand in line for a long time, i am happy to let someone budge in front of me in line, I am ok when someone cuts me off on the road, or interupts me when i was talking, I am even tolerant when i am not sure if i understand someone elses opinion so in truth i am quite tolerant… BUT when my internet is down or some other service i pay for is not acting like i want it to or it was promiced me… then that is where my tolerance ends. I am not angry just frusterated and dissapointed because i know when the bill comes in there will be no mention of thanks for being patient while work was being done on the lines, no discount for the time i have missed not being able to do my work…. Sigh…. Tolerance is a word that I need to repeat over and over again today.

  Thankfully it is Monday so i am able to go to Choir tonight, It is something that i really look forward to, I sing Soprano in our choir and although i am not craazy about the songs we are singing i really enjoy the interaction i get with the other people there.  I stay at home and the only interaction i get thru out the day is either on line or with my children and hubby so you can imagine why i am excited to go once a week.  I am hoping that with the move i will still be able to be involved with the choir that i am in now, or perhaps find one that i can join… oo how i hate to join new groups…. although i enjoy being part of a choir too much not to be any more, it has become part of what i do.

  The weekend was good, our small town put on a town light up celebration including santa arriving, both my girls performed and did a wonderful job, Hailey on the drums can you imagine!!! and our Choir performed. It was a coooold night but it seemed that everyone had a nice time and enjoyed the music and entertainment.  So now i guess that it is kick off to Christmas….. Ready? Set? Go!!

Soap Box

November 21, 2007

 I have a word of caution, accidents can happen in a blink of an eye, choking is one that can happen without alot of noise or Drama, even on things that are made really well and things that are not thought to be a hazard like beautiful Childrens jewlery.

 One afternoon when the girls were very young perhaps 3 and 4, Jim and i were chatting away and the girls were playing quietly when Hailey comes in with Kassi right behind her, (we diddnt notice Kass right away)  Hailey was saying that she couldnt get the tie undone… we were not sure what she was saying until i looked past her to Kass and saw that she was a terrible shade of blue! (almost a navy colour)  She had a very small tie of some sort tied tightly around her neck so tight in fact that you couldnt see it burried in her neck, It was with quick thinking that Jim grabbed his pocket knife and cut it away from her neck, what a scary thing that was, apparently the girls were dressing up and Kass needed a necklace.
  I have heard thousands of stories about shildren choking on things or being strangled by the strangest things, so i just wanted to come in and say my peice, childrens jewlery is beautiful, and i think most little girls will love it, but please be sure your little ones are supervised at ALL times with it until they are much older.

  Thank you for listening to my rant, I will climb off the soap box now… until later…


November 20, 2007

  And yet another thing that never really crossed my mind while deciding to have children, Schools, the decision to move to the end of our island we are on now was based mostly on schools, our district is very nice, not much in the way of city type problems as we are pretty remote in most cases, now with an impending move these issues are comming up again, as much as i hate to even be concidering this we are most likely going to have to move out of our school district which means tough decisions when it comes to schooling the girls.  Hailey is very good in school, things come easy for her she will get C’s On her reportcard and that is her not trying very hard, mostly she will get b’s and A’s but poor Kassi has to fight for every C she can get, she works hard every day just to get any where is school, things just do not come easy for her, we are working on methods for her to succed.  I know my biggest worry about moving at all was going to be schooling, comuting would be very impractable, Last night i think i may have come up with a viable option, a nice Christian School, it is a private school but not as fussy as ‘international’ type schools can be, it is a day campus and has grades from kindergarten to grade twelve (I like not transfering schools)  Their main focus is on Christian beliefs which is perfect for me as it tyes nicely with my traditional thoughts, I never was happy about schools taking all mention of faith out of them, even going as far as calling, which was christmas pageants, winter carnivals or other such nonsence, it would be nice to know that when the girls go to school they can comfortably talk about christmas, birthdays, Easter with out being uncomfortable.

  I am not sure about fee’s or anything doing with the particulars of sending the girls to the school as the thought came to me last night while at choir. I have made friends with a woman who is a teacher there and teaches grade 8 and 9, tell me things dont happen for a reason?!  if we do decide to travel this road Hailey will be in Grade 8 and in her class…. reason…..season…..lifetime.  

  These are just a couple of thoughts circling When we find out more info i will write about it.

Monday Musings

November 19, 2007

Ahhhh…. Monday!   ok I am going a bit over bord with that, my weekend was not too bad, we got our coats so the girls are ready fro the cold weather, but they had better not grow out of these coats for a long time, why are winter coats so dern expencive? Good Grief!

 The inlaws will be listing their house sometime today and although they wont get the huge price they were hoping it is a start and they can see some progress.

   We will be selling our house as well and though i have some serious reservations about leaving this house as i am in love with my home despite all the flaws in it I will miss this place a whole lot, but we cannt move forward if we keep looking back so onward we go!

   It will soon be my birthday and i will be a whole 33, wow when did that happen? I am happy to be as ‘old’ as i am, some days i feel much older than 33 but i think it comes from being a bit to old fashioned, which makes me wonder what is wrong with being old fashioned in my thinking? Jim and I have strived in raising our kids in a traditional home, with a mom who stays home and dad who goes off to work, the kids only jobs are doing well at school and being kids, Hailey keeps mentioning that she wants a job but i am under the firm belief that she is just not old enough for a ‘job’ other kids, she says, get paid for doing chores around the house and for getting good grades at school, and although Jim and I have toyed with the idea of giving money for good grades we have decided that we wouldnt give money for grades but Hailey would not be without money if she is going out shopping or to other places where she can buy things that intrest her, so she is able to understand money and where it comes from and how hard it is to make. Just no pay cheque as of yet. We are trying to keep the girls as stress free as possible for as long as possible.

 Maybe because it is monday or maybe it is just that i dont have much to say but I think that this page is finished for today, stay tuned for more tommorow. Cheers!


November 16, 2007

Yesterdays Blog was depressing and not productive at all, ao i decided that today i should find something interesting to say. 

 I dont usually come in here with something spacific to write about, what comes out is usually not planned or even something that i have given much thought to, I have tried to go in one direction and my fingers have gone in another direction all together.

  It is the weekend here and we have a few things planned, one thing we are doing today ,becides the dreaded grocery shop, is Winter Coat shopping we are going to go into the ‘big’ city and buy the girls each a nice new coat for winter.  Winter coats for me are tricky they are very expencive and the girls need them but it always reminds me of my winter coat that i must have gotten when i was 12 or 13 and still fits me today, i am sure, I hated this coat and i felt bad about it because i knew my parents worked hard for the money to buy this coat, but all the other kids had nice new coats that diddnt fall below their knees that they would ‘grow’ into. I diddnt grow very tall so the coat that i was to grow into was always below my knees, the kids thought it was funny when i walked away or when i had it zipped up because it looked like i had no legs, hence the terrible nickname of no legs was born….sigh…. I know now that i should have been thankfull for that coat and now that i have to buy coats for my own girls i am thank ful and i also understand, so tonight will i push for a coat the they can ‘grow’ into or one that they will wear?  I have told them that there are two rules for picking out a coat, it has to be warm and there cannt be any of that awful fake fur, although it can be nice when it is new after a winter of wearing it every day it will not be a very nice look by the time spring is here, so it has to be durable…ooo and washable…

The other thing we are doing this weekend is going to JIms parents to help them with the Real estate agent who is going to list their house for sale, this is difficult for his parents as they have been in that house for 35 years and have never thrown any thing away so it is going to be a tough go for a bit for them, and with Jim being an only child we get to jump on the fun wagon, for the ride. 

  I most likely will not get a chance to post over the weekend but i will be back on Monday to post about the weekend, have a great one!!!


November 15, 2007

  At Long Last hubby Jim is home from his ‘buisness’ trip, and last night i could wait to cuddle up in bed and finally have some sleep, well wouldnt you figure…. There was no sleep for me last night and the reason was, I was trying to figure out what i would write in my blog today… Hmmm… So what did i decide on??  well that is a great question as i have still not figured out what it will be.

  There are a couple of things that i have in the future to look forward to, one of those things were to happen on Saturday evening, the family was going to go to a friends house for a themed party ‘high roller casino’ we were going to play with play money and was going to be a nice evening. The reason i am saying was and supposed to is because yesterday afternoon i recieved an email from the friend letting me know that the pary was to be postponed due to a death in their family…. Hearing this news made me soo terribly sad, this death left two children aged 8 and 2 without their mother and a husband with out his wife.

  I think this is what has been bothering me for the last little while and perhaps the real reason i wasnt sleeping last night, strangly i also recieved an email poem from another friend that i would like to share …


If I knew it would be the last time
That I’d see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly
and pray the Lord, your soul to keep.
If I knew it would be the last time
that I see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug and kiss
and call you back for one more
If I knew it would be the last time
I’d hear your voice lifted up in praise,
I would video tape each action and word,
so I could play them back day after day.

If I knew it would be the last time,!
I could spare an extra minute
to stop and say “I love you,”
instead of assuming you would KNOW I do.

If I knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day,
Well I’m sure you’ll have so many more,
so I can let just this one slip away.

For surely there’s always tomorrow
to make up for an oversight,
and we always get a second chance
to make everything just right.

There will l always be another day
to say “I love you,”
And certainly there’s another chance
to say our “Anything I can do?”

But just in case I might be wrong,
and today is all I get,
I’d like to say how much I love you
and I hope we never forget.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance
you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you’re waiting for tomorrow,
why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
you’ll surely regret the day,

That you didn! ‘t take that extra time
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss
and you were too busy to grant someone,
what turned out to be their one last wish.

So hold your loved ones close today,
and whisper in their ear,
Tell them how much you love them
and that you’ll always hold them dear

Take time to say “I’m sorry,”
“Please forgive me,” “Thank you,” or “It’s okay.”
And if tomorrow never comes,
you’ll have no regrets about today

  This poem, and the events in my friends life has really made me take notice of my own mortality, I think tommorows blog will be one that i have often thought of but have never had the nerve to accually do, i think it is time.  Stay tuned….


November 14, 2007

Alright here i am blank screen before me ready for anything i have to say….. I think i will start by introducing my family so that if i mention them in times to come you might know who i am talking about.

First my beloved Hubby Jim. Jim is the love of my life, the other half of my soul, the ying to my yang, we have been married for almost 13 years and if he were to ask me to marry him again i would in a hot second! I love him with my every breath, any time i have thoughts he knows what i am thinking, feeling planning, he just knows me that well. You cannot say my name with out folloing with his and you cannot say his with out following with mine… our name is Jim’n’Teri. Now that being said…. although we have never had any real scraps we have had our share of tifts (how can you live with someone and not?) so I may come in here to do some venting and ranting at times but it helps knowing that there is a strong foundation to plunk myself on when we get over our tantrums.

Hailey is My oldest Daughter she is really a beautiful girl. She is our summer baby and her personality shows very clear. She is a wonderful singer and she loves to act, read, and hang out with her friends. She also loves anything to do with monkeys, clothing, posters, stuffies you name it and she either has it or wants it she is such a silly girl, this is where i am sure alot of our drama is going to be comming from in the future.

Kassidy is our Baby, she is only 16 months younger than her sister but we still think of her as the baby. (that i am sure will come back to haunt us later)
Kassidy is extremely old spirited and empathetic, I have never met someone who is more in tune with other people and animals feelings, there are just some things she knows that others have no idea about. Kassidy loves singing, playing her guitar, sleeping, reading and basicly any thing that is quiet. Very often we have to tell her that it is ok to be silly. Kassi collects anything to do with penguins I am not sure where this has come from but she positivly craves the little birds!

And then there is me, I am also a collector, the one thing i love more than anything is frogs, I cannot be in the same neighbor hood as them if they are real, but i will collect anything that has to do with frogs, I am even in the long process of saving for a tattoo of a frog for my leg. I Sing in a choir which does tunes from the early days and show tunes, I have alot of fun being with other adults as i usually do not talk to others during the day.
I love reading, books are my drugs i need to be sure i have nothing planned for the day as i will pick up a book in the morning and wont be able to put it down until it is done, and i even get sad as the story ends and often find myself wondering what the ‘charictor’ might be doing… I know strange. My Favorite colour is pink, and my favorite food is any thing spicy, the spicier the better!

I think that about covers it for today, thanks for not interupting while i type! LOL