Alright here i am blank screen before me ready for anything i have to say….. I think i will start by introducing my family so that if i mention them in times to come you might know who i am talking about.

First my beloved Hubby Jim. Jim is the love of my life, the other half of my soul, the ying to my yang, we have been married for almost 13 years and if he were to ask me to marry him again i would in a hot second! I love him with my every breath, any time i have thoughts he knows what i am thinking, feeling planning, he just knows me that well. You cannot say my name with out folloing with his and you cannot say his with out following with mine… our name is Jim’n’Teri. Now that being said…. although we have never had any real scraps we have had our share of tifts (how can you live with someone and not?) so I may come in here to do some venting and ranting at times but it helps knowing that there is a strong foundation to plunk myself on when we get over our tantrums.

Hailey is My oldest Daughter she is really a beautiful girl. She is our summer baby and her personality shows very clear. She is a wonderful singer and she loves to act, read, and hang out with her friends. She also loves anything to do with monkeys, clothing, posters, stuffies you name it and she either has it or wants it she is such a silly girl, this is where i am sure alot of our drama is going to be comming from in the future.

Kassidy is our Baby, she is only 16 months younger than her sister but we still think of her as the baby. (that i am sure will come back to haunt us later)
Kassidy is extremely old spirited and empathetic, I have never met someone who is more in tune with other people and animals feelings, there are just some things she knows that others have no idea about. Kassidy loves singing, playing her guitar, sleeping, reading and basicly any thing that is quiet. Very often we have to tell her that it is ok to be silly. Kassi collects anything to do with penguins I am not sure where this has come from but she positivly craves the little birds!

And then there is me, I am also a collector, the one thing i love more than anything is frogs, I cannot be in the same neighbor hood as them if they are real, but i will collect anything that has to do with frogs, I am even in the long process of saving for a tattoo of a frog for my leg. I Sing in a choir which does tunes from the early days and show tunes, I have alot of fun being with other adults as i usually do not talk to others during the day.
I love reading, books are my drugs i need to be sure i have nothing planned for the day as i will pick up a book in the morning and wont be able to put it down until it is done, and i even get sad as the story ends and often find myself wondering what the ‘charictor’ might be doing… I know strange. My Favorite colour is pink, and my favorite food is any thing spicy, the spicier the better!

I think that about covers it for today, thanks for not interupting while i type! LOL


2 Responses to “Introductions”

  1. truddle Says:

    Funny how you can know someone all their life and still learn something new. I am loving your blog!

  2. terienalynn Says:

    I agree Truddle i am learning something new about myself all the time as well.

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