Yesterdays Blog was depressing and not productive at all, ao i decided that today i should find something interesting to say. 

 I dont usually come in here with something spacific to write about, what comes out is usually not planned or even something that i have given much thought to, I have tried to go in one direction and my fingers have gone in another direction all together.

  It is the weekend here and we have a few things planned, one thing we are doing today ,becides the dreaded grocery shop, is Winter Coat shopping we are going to go into the ‘big’ city and buy the girls each a nice new coat for winter.  Winter coats for me are tricky they are very expencive and the girls need them but it always reminds me of my winter coat that i must have gotten when i was 12 or 13 and still fits me today, i am sure, I hated this coat and i felt bad about it because i knew my parents worked hard for the money to buy this coat, but all the other kids had nice new coats that diddnt fall below their knees that they would ‘grow’ into. I diddnt grow very tall so the coat that i was to grow into was always below my knees, the kids thought it was funny when i walked away or when i had it zipped up because it looked like i had no legs, hence the terrible nickname of no legs was born….sigh…. I know now that i should have been thankfull for that coat and now that i have to buy coats for my own girls i am thank ful and i also understand, so tonight will i push for a coat the they can ‘grow’ into or one that they will wear?  I have told them that there are two rules for picking out a coat, it has to be warm and there cannt be any of that awful fake fur, although it can be nice when it is new after a winter of wearing it every day it will not be a very nice look by the time spring is here, so it has to be durable…ooo and washable…

The other thing we are doing this weekend is going to JIms parents to help them with the Real estate agent who is going to list their house for sale, this is difficult for his parents as they have been in that house for 35 years and have never thrown any thing away so it is going to be a tough go for a bit for them, and with Jim being an only child we get to jump on the fun wagon, for the ride. 

  I most likely will not get a chance to post over the weekend but i will be back on Monday to post about the weekend, have a great one!!!


4 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. shepet Says:

    winter coat shopping isn’t always fun.. practical is the most important in our house.. otherwize I think that pride and peer pressure gets in the way of or little ones making the right decision!.. Good luck with the realitate person. but somehow I don’t think that will be your guy’s biggest obstical with Jim’s parents if they plan on moving into something smaller?? Hope all goes well over there.. my thoughts and prayers are with you..

  2. terienalynn Says:

    thank you for your comments Shepet! Coat shopping diddnt go to badly as it could have but boy did the prices go up when i wasnt looking!

  3. truddle Says:

    Where did you end up getting the coats from?

    I for one think you looked adorable in your winter coat!

  4. terienalynn Says:

    We Went to Old Navy, they had a sale on outer ware, 30% off but the jackets were still almost 60$ each!

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