Monday Musings

Ahhhh…. Monday!   ok I am going a bit over bord with that, my weekend was not too bad, we got our coats so the girls are ready fro the cold weather, but they had better not grow out of these coats for a long time, why are winter coats so dern expencive? Good Grief!

 The inlaws will be listing their house sometime today and although they wont get the huge price they were hoping it is a start and they can see some progress.

   We will be selling our house as well and though i have some serious reservations about leaving this house as i am in love with my home despite all the flaws in it I will miss this place a whole lot, but we cannt move forward if we keep looking back so onward we go!

   It will soon be my birthday and i will be a whole 33, wow when did that happen? I am happy to be as ‘old’ as i am, some days i feel much older than 33 but i think it comes from being a bit to old fashioned, which makes me wonder what is wrong with being old fashioned in my thinking? Jim and I have strived in raising our kids in a traditional home, with a mom who stays home and dad who goes off to work, the kids only jobs are doing well at school and being kids, Hailey keeps mentioning that she wants a job but i am under the firm belief that she is just not old enough for a ‘job’ other kids, she says, get paid for doing chores around the house and for getting good grades at school, and although Jim and I have toyed with the idea of giving money for good grades we have decided that we wouldnt give money for grades but Hailey would not be without money if she is going out shopping or to other places where she can buy things that intrest her, so she is able to understand money and where it comes from and how hard it is to make. Just no pay cheque as of yet. We are trying to keep the girls as stress free as possible for as long as possible.

 Maybe because it is monday or maybe it is just that i dont have much to say but I think that this page is finished for today, stay tuned for more tommorow. Cheers!


2 Responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. truddle Says:

    As hard as it is for you to imagine you being 33 – imagine what that is like for me! Good for you for standing strong in your beliefs in raising your children.

  2. shepet Says:

    I am not that far behind you in age.. I will keep you company! I agree very much about the money thing.. kids try and grow up to fast in my opinion.. someday they will thatnk us for keeping them kids for as long as we can!

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