And yet another thing that never really crossed my mind while deciding to have children, Schools, the decision to move to the end of our island we are on now was based mostly on schools, our district is very nice, not much in the way of city type problems as we are pretty remote in most cases, now with an impending move these issues are comming up again, as much as i hate to even be concidering this we are most likely going to have to move out of our school district which means tough decisions when it comes to schooling the girls.  Hailey is very good in school, things come easy for her she will get C’s On her reportcard and that is her not trying very hard, mostly she will get b’s and A’s but poor Kassi has to fight for every C she can get, she works hard every day just to get any where is school, things just do not come easy for her, we are working on methods for her to succed.  I know my biggest worry about moving at all was going to be schooling, comuting would be very impractable, Last night i think i may have come up with a viable option, a nice Christian School, it is a private school but not as fussy as ‘international’ type schools can be, it is a day campus and has grades from kindergarten to grade twelve (I like not transfering schools)  Their main focus is on Christian beliefs which is perfect for me as it tyes nicely with my traditional thoughts, I never was happy about schools taking all mention of faith out of them, even going as far as calling, which was christmas pageants, winter carnivals or other such nonsence, it would be nice to know that when the girls go to school they can comfortably talk about christmas, birthdays, Easter with out being uncomfortable.

  I am not sure about fee’s or anything doing with the particulars of sending the girls to the school as the thought came to me last night while at choir. I have made friends with a woman who is a teacher there and teaches grade 8 and 9, tell me things dont happen for a reason?!  if we do decide to travel this road Hailey will be in Grade 8 and in her class…. reason…..season…..lifetime.  

  These are just a couple of thoughts circling When we find out more info i will write about it.


One Response to “Schooling”

  1. truddle Says:

    The Christian school is getting a huge addition. It should be very nice when finished.

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