Soap Box

 I have a word of caution, accidents can happen in a blink of an eye, choking is one that can happen without alot of noise or Drama, even on things that are made really well and things that are not thought to be a hazard like beautiful Childrens jewlery.

 One afternoon when the girls were very young perhaps 3 and 4, Jim and i were chatting away and the girls were playing quietly when Hailey comes in with Kassi right behind her, (we diddnt notice Kass right away)  Hailey was saying that she couldnt get the tie undone… we were not sure what she was saying until i looked past her to Kass and saw that she was a terrible shade of blue! (almost a navy colour)  She had a very small tie of some sort tied tightly around her neck so tight in fact that you couldnt see it burried in her neck, It was with quick thinking that Jim grabbed his pocket knife and cut it away from her neck, what a scary thing that was, apparently the girls were dressing up and Kass needed a necklace.
  I have heard thousands of stories about shildren choking on things or being strangled by the strangest things, so i just wanted to come in and say my peice, childrens jewlery is beautiful, and i think most little girls will love it, but please be sure your little ones are supervised at ALL times with it until they are much older.

  Thank you for listening to my rant, I will climb off the soap box now… until later…


6 Responses to “Soap Box”

  1. truddle Says:

    A very good warning!

  2. shepet Says:

    it happens way to quick.. and sometimes when you think you are looking!!

  3. bibliomom Says:

    As a Mom of two young girls that’s terrifying I’m so glad that you were nearby to help.

  4. terienalynn Says:

    hi there bibliomom, thank you so much for stopping by, your right it was scary.

  5. David Says:

    Ah! Not good. It reminds me of when my son Zachary was a toddler. I had installed a blower on the fireplace to circulate the heat thru the room. And here he comes. Can you see what happened next? While I am sitting there he wanders over to this new thing and puts both his hands on it. And it was very hot.
    The poor child cried and cried. And I sat there and watched him do it. I didn’t recognize the danger and have never forgiven myself for it.

  6. terienalynn Says:

    OO David how scary that must have been, I know what you mean about the guilt, if our children only knew the guilt we as parents feel about all our failings….

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