My word for the year is Tolerance…. never has this word been needed more than it has been today, I have finally made it online again, but for how long i am not sure, Hopefully i can get my post out before ‘they’ continue working on making the lines better for everyone.

  Tolerance started out as just a word to help me along a place that i was not very good at, I can be pretty tolerant of some things but others there is just no way… I am happy to stand in line for a long time, i am happy to let someone budge in front of me in line, I am ok when someone cuts me off on the road, or interupts me when i was talking, I am even tolerant when i am not sure if i understand someone elses opinion so in truth i am quite tolerant… BUT when my internet is down or some other service i pay for is not acting like i want it to or it was promiced me… then that is where my tolerance ends. I am not angry just frusterated and dissapointed because i know when the bill comes in there will be no mention of thanks for being patient while work was being done on the lines, no discount for the time i have missed not being able to do my work…. Sigh…. Tolerance is a word that I need to repeat over and over again today.

  Thankfully it is Monday so i am able to go to Choir tonight, It is something that i really look forward to, I sing Soprano in our choir and although i am not craazy about the songs we are singing i really enjoy the interaction i get with the other people there.  I stay at home and the only interaction i get thru out the day is either on line or with my children and hubby so you can imagine why i am excited to go once a week.  I am hoping that with the move i will still be able to be involved with the choir that i am in now, or perhaps find one that i can join… oo how i hate to join new groups…. although i enjoy being part of a choir too much not to be any more, it has become part of what i do.

  The weekend was good, our small town put on a town light up celebration including santa arriving, both my girls performed and did a wonderful job, Hailey on the drums can you imagine!!! and our Choir performed. It was a coooold night but it seemed that everyone had a nice time and enjoyed the music and entertainment.  So now i guess that it is kick off to Christmas….. Ready? Set? Go!!


3 Responses to “Tolerance”

  1. truddle Says:

    It is funny that you wrote about your word of the year, I was just thinking about my word the other day. Just about time to pick a new word, wonder what it will be next yaar?

  2. shepet Says:

    I’ve never had a word.. I must think on this!! I sympathize with you and being shut in so to speak.. working from home is great in so many ways, but sometimes.. I NEED OUT!! Rob is really good about that and can usually sence my need and wether he feels like it or not, we go out.. lol.. wouldn’t trade it though.. and yes how frusterating if you pay for something and you don’t get what you paid for.. one of my pet peeves.. I tink that after I am done blogging my family, I will have to explore myself and my many layers.. will you be along for the ride?? it could be bumpy!!

  3. terienalynn Says:

    of course… buckled in and ready! LOL

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