Tuesdays musings

Today was a snow day for the girls… I do not drive in the snow so i kept the girls home, we diddnt do to much today but the girls did go out for some fun in the snow.. kassi even said she busted her butt knuckle! LOL she tried to ‘snow board’ on the toboggan… you can just imagine how that turned out.  Monty the dog loves the snow as well he loves to plow in the snow and eat it, it is too funny to see the big black dog covered like a snow man he is just like a big kid, he is sleeping now like a teenager snoring and everything!

 A fun day had by all…

The girls have started taking hot water bottles to bed, and in fact tucking them into bed about half an hour before it is bed time they have adapted this routine very well.

  a few days ago I started to read to them again in the evening, we are starting with the first book in the seris of Harry potter, and although we dont get to read every night they just love this timethat we haveto read, I try no matter how tired my eyes feel at night to read at least a chapter.. holy crow are those chapters long!

  I am worried about the progress of this Blog, I am starting to run out of things to say, I knew this was a possibility but i am surprised that it happened so fast. I am going to haveto come up with something that is interesting soon… I am sure that i will so stay tuned who knows what masterpeice is comming up…..


6 Responses to “Tuesdays musings”

  1. shepet Says:

    funny how just when you think you have run out of things to say.. something will hit you and ta da!! you have something to say! I wish I could opt out for driving in the snow.. or walking in it.. or seeing it outside my window.. but I do love waking up in the morning with the sun shining and have to put on my cool sunglasses because the reflection is so very bright against the snow… and the smiles that it brings to my kids faces after spending hours playing in it.. wish you lived closer!! Our kids would have so much fun together!!

  2. terienalynn Says:

    I agree…. When are you going to move?? ;))

  3. shepet Says:

    yea.. that isn’t gonna happen.. my dear sister.. but you could come and visit! we have lots of snow, with more on the way I am sure to play in!!

  4. truddle Says:

    It is said that a child has to have 10 thousand or so stories read to them before they can learn to read… I believe it.
    I am glad you are reading to your girls Teri, I know my kids all loved the stories when they were little, and even not so little.

    Write from your heart, and the words will come, your muse will find you if you allow her in.

  5. David Says:

    Hi there. Your mom said I could find you here. My name is David and I have a lot of say about Harry Potter. But not here. Let’s just say he’s one of my heros and a cool dude.

    His friends are pretty cool too. Have a nice holiday season.

  6. terienalynn Says:

    HI David… Thank you for stopping by, we have really been enjoying Harry Potter, what a fun book it is.

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