Yesterday I spent most of the day at Kassidys school, She is in grade 5 and still in elementry school.  I sorted markers, stacked papers, helped with reading, marked math papers, added pages to scrap books… you know the usual things that teachers have a hard time keeping up with.  Another thing I did was pick up an ocean of germs, children all around me were coughing, sniffing, sneezing, picking noses.. yadda, yadda.

  I am not phobic about germs but as soon as i returned home i jumped into the hotest shower i could stand and scrubbed till pink, schools are so yucky, teachers should be paid hazard pay. 

   I could clean, clean things all day long.. but when things get dirty i have a hard time getting into it to get it done, it just turnes me sick.  Maybe this is why i have a hard time with house work? if my house is clean i dont have alot of trouble keeping it that way, and if i lived alone my house would be clean all the time, but when you factor the family in all kinds of mess happenes…and that is where my house cleaning stalls.. sigh.. a dreadful cycle indeed!

  We Are going into another weekend, this weekend we have planned a Baby Shower!  My sister is due to have her baby at the begining of January so we dont have alot of time left, a shower is just what we all need, hopefully it does not snow…  Ill be back Monday to report how the party went!  Cheers to all….


3 Responses to “Germs!”

  1. truddle Says:

    Good to scrub those nasty germs away, you do not want to be sick when pickles makes his/her arrival, or you will be on the other side of the window peeking in at the sweet little baby.

    Shhhh don’t speak of the shower to loudly, you do NOT want Sharlyn to find out about it just yet!

  2. shepet Says:

    ohhhh… just another thing that I am gonna miss.. my little sisters first baby shower.. Please let her know that we have received the little squares and will color on them as soon as the flu leaves our house.. I can totally sympathize with the house work thing.. I can clean all day long.. and it will look great.. 15 minutes passes and ta da!! looks like I was sitting on my arse all day!! but they say that cleaning your house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling snow when it is still snowing!! Take care.. kiss Sharly for me!

  3. truddle Says:

    Looking forward to your squares so we can get them added 🙂

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