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So it has been said

December 18, 2007

  So it has been said that i have been neglectful of my bloging duties and that it was fine time to carry on from the germs of my last post….  I completly agree with that and so i have come back into blog land with the intention of posting far more often.

   So first a little catch up should be in order, The baby shower went perfectly except forthe major snow storm on the day of the party, a couple of guests were able to make it and we had a nice time opening presents and eating 48 baby cakes!

  OUr casino night had to be canceled again since our friends had an unwelcome tree in their house from another storm, but we did get a chance to have dinner with them anyways, they are always entertaining people to be with.

 (Have i said before how much i really do not like the winter, perhaps when i retire ill be one of those people who head to warmer places when it gets cold here?)

  JIm had His work party over the weekend so we decided to go out of the box a bit for us and stay at the hotel for the night what a perfect night that was, and the next day it was blowing a gale again and when we went past the ocean the waves were to awesome to resist so we stopped for a little extreme weather reminder.

  Hailey Blew up the microwave last week, yep truely blew it up, it no longer works, apparently steel travel mugs do not microwave well…..  Later that night when she was feeling a bit better about life her and daddy were goofing off in the dining room (not a huge room) and the end of that resulting in a broken tail bone!  we spent the next day between Dr’s and x-rays.  It was not Haileys day for sure.

   Yesterday I recieved a phone call from Kassidy’s school telling me that Kassidys chair had broken and she had smaked her head quite hard against the desk behind her, and since it was a head injury would you like to take her to the Dr to get checked out.  So needless to say i hot tailed it down to the school to take her to the Dr, she is ok, a mild concussion and a huge goose egg, but fine none the less.

  And that brings us up to dat mostly, except that there has been a Theft!!!

   A theft of my tolorence, a theft of my time, a theft of pretty much anything that i am in need of to make things go smoothly, i have soooo much to do in such little time, i need to be locked up in a little room and left alone for awhile, although yes i do stay at home all day (what doooooo you do all day… is one of my most hated questions) things are falling miserably behind, it is timeto center my being as i am feeling a little out of control, some one throw a safty rope i am going to be needing it….